Point of interest of Apartment block La Maison

Our apartment is conveniently located

  Within 5 minutes of Mikkaichicho Station on the Nankai Koya Line

  Within 35 minutes of Namba Station

  You have easy access to Kawachinagano City Hall, a beautiful city library, a concert hall and National Medical Center by bus from Mikkaichicho Station.

  There is a Kansai International Airport Limousine Bus Service from Kawachinagano

  Station. It takes just one hour to the airport. Buses run hourly.

Our apartment is convenient for shopping

  5 minutes walk to a newly built shopping mall which includes a gym and swimming pool.


School district

  20 minutes on foot to Mikkaichi Elementary School and Higashi Junior High School.

  Several kindergartens are near our apartment and they have school buses to pick up and drop off the children.

A private junior high and high school (Seikyo Gakuen) is within commuting distance by bicycle.

La Maison is a satisfying place to live

  Apartments on the upper floors have a nice view of the mountains.

  Tap water in this area is clean because Mikkaichi is near a river source.