This temple was built in 701 and became a Shingon monastery later
The kondo, the main hall is the oldest structure in Osaka Prefecture.
The statue of the Goddess of Kannon is on the list of official National Treasures.
Masashige Kusunoki (1294-1336)
He was the ancient warrior of BUSHI.
He helped the southern emperor Godaigo, and he was at war
with the northern emperor.
His life is respected by many people today.
Dainanko Festival is held every year in May.
This temple is famous for its beautiful colored leaves in autumn.
The temple boasts a 1000 year-old Japanese maple tree (Momiji)
which is another treasure of Osaka Prefecture
  Amanosan Kongoji
Gyoki, a famous religious figure during the Nara Period opened this temple. It includes many National Treasures and important cultural properties. The Japanese style garden is beautiful and definitely worth seeing.
The temple is comparable in beauty to the temples of Kyoto
  Iwawaki mountain
The highest part of the mountain is 897.7m.
The mountain is famous for its majestic Japanese pampas grass which covers the top mountain plateau.
There is a great view of Rokko mountain and Awaji Island from the top.
It is suitable for a day hike
  Kongo mountain
This is the highest mountain in Osaka Prefecture. (1125m)

In summer, a camp site is opened and beginners can enjoy sleeping out in provided tents. Many mountain climbers climb this snow covered mountain in winter as well as in summer.
Public accommodation is managed my Chihaya-akasaka village.

A bus service from Kawachinagano Station to the starting point for the climb to the top and there is also a gondora cable car service. It takes under 30 minutes by bus from Kawachinagano Station